Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bowie cape top

I'm so sorry for late to share a photos. because now I’m very busy with my online shop, and plan a vacation! altough it was not until taking a plane to fly, but I’m sure you’ll be interested to see pictures of me while I’m holidaaays!! ssoooo, just wait :p

and now I’m going to share this photo. let’s see the details

Okay, okay, I know my face here is not a pretty sight. but that’s not problem right?
hahahaha LOL

headband: mrfreddy
bowie cape top: ZARA
plain skirt: Topshop
bags: Mango

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Gold sheer skirt

this is what I wore today. I'm deeply in love with this Gold sheer skirt and Studded bags. Actually there are many other bags! but I always thought that this bags perfect with any outfit!

Bow chiffon shirt: Red Cherry
Gold sheer skirt: Cache Cache
Studded bags: Gaudi
Shoes: Rosebud

I'm healthy now! but it doesn't fit with the time I hoped :(
but it doesn't matter, hopefully next time when I was a lot of events. I'm not sick anymore

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Resident Evil

you knowww, I really want my long bangs to come back again :( maybe I should patiently waiting my bangs to grow longer.
ohh I miss my bangs and friends in high school!!!

little sharing, this is a picture of a separation during graduate school. the title of this 'booklet' is
Resident Evil!! hahaha

the Zombie...

the Team..

make up

I really miss my high school!!!

P.S. wait for my next looks! xo

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Pattern

actually, I don't know why I really like this skirt. maybe because of its shape or color. I don't know for sure.
and this is actually my first day with new hair color. a little more light than yesterday.

Detachable peter pan collar - Stellar Neckwear 
Crop top lady: Cache Cache
Skirt: Yellowbubble
Bags: Gogirl!

very saaaad this week :(
because I really need to rest at home. I got sick stomach. it means a lot of work, lectures and events that I missed. especially IFW 2012

wish I can get well so that I can quickly go to the IFW 2012!!!
I'll see you there!!!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blue Gradation

oh God, do I look more fat? *crying*
honestly, since yesterday I always feel like a hungry people hahaha

ah forget it!
actually this time I will talk about my vest, which is very cool (for me) hehehe
this vest is black outside and inside is leopard
and I bought this in Galstore Fashop

and  other details..
blue gradation: Galstore Fashop
plain skirt: Yellowbubble
bags: Tako

already by now, I will go to meet my friends hahaha
wait for the next looks okay? :D

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's About RETRO!

today, I will share my first look on
hahaha very amateur right? :D and I didn't wear a make-up! seriously!
but it's pretty fun to wear these animal print!

I'm always pleased with my favorite boutique
aaand of course I bought this leopard dress and batwing loose shirt pink in

here's the next details
Boots: Rosebud
Headband: Loubelle
Dress and Shirt: Mr. Freddy

hmmm okaaay, I must continue my work as college student *sigh*
but actually that's not a big problem (I hope) hahaha

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pink for Valentine's day

for today I'm happy to wear a pink outfit (isn't I often wear a pink outfit?) hahaha. but really, because today is a Valentine's daaaay!

hmmm, I wan't to say sorry, today I once again can not give many details for this looks. because I had a lot of work piling up from the college :(

here's the details
hole batwing tops: Galstore Fashop
flower skirt shorts: Mr. Freddy
dots bags: Galstore Fashop

so, what are you doing today? hopefully happy with gifts who were given from your loved hihihihi
okay, Happy Valentine's day!
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