Friday, February 24, 2012

The Pattern

actually, I don't know why I really like this skirt. maybe because of its shape or color. I don't know for sure.
and this is actually my first day with new hair color. a little more light than yesterday.

Detachable peter pan collar - Stellar Neckwear 
Crop top lady: Cache Cache
Skirt: Yellowbubble
Bags: Gogirl!

very saaaad this week :(
because I really need to rest at home. I got sick stomach. it means a lot of work, lectures and events that I missed. especially IFW 2012

wish I can get well so that I can quickly go to the IFW 2012!!!
I'll see you there!!!

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  1. super love your top ♥
    where did you buy that?

    1. Thanks dear :)
      I bought this top in