Friday, January 6, 2012

a Sweet Hippie!

hello sweety!

how r u todaaaay? I hope you not bored of seeing or reading my blog hehehe

okay, let me share a bit to you... this afternoon, me and my boyfriend went for a walk to the mall, and when I entered the Payless store. my eyes focused on the long black socks and thin. I know, these socks is ordinary, but I have been looking for socks that have a material comfortable to wear and thin from last week. not only thaaaat! I also had bought the purple, pink, and lace socks!!! I'm sure you definitely can't wait to see my lace socks hahahaha :-p

hmmm well, let's back to my looks

I don't know why the title of my looks is A sweet hippie! hahaha what looks a like gypsy? but, hey! that's right.

waaawww really glad I bought this tops!!! I bought it in Freunde House. Name of this tops is Indian Tops! so cute right?

let's see the details
headband: Loubelle
Indian tops: Freunde House
Fur vest: Cache Cache
flower skirt shorts: Mr. Freddy
socks: Payless
shoes: The Little Things She Needs

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